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We bridge privacy that users & businesses demand with compliance that regulators require.

In a decentralised world, the conflicting demands for privacy & regulatory compliance are growing. Our solution enables Web2 and Web3 businesses to serve privacy-enhancing solutions to their customers.

Hakata Overview

Choose Hakata for the most localized and privacy-preserving, compliant solution for globally operating businesses.


Identity Check

We connect your users to best-in-class identity providers to perform your identity checks (including KYC, KYB and AML). We do not believe in "one size fits all". Ensuring best localised expertise, we find the most suitable provider based on the customers needs. 


Issue verifiable credentials incl. zero-knowledge proofs, following leading industry standards. Our credentials are stored in the users' wallet and allow sharing of information the user selected to be shared - in plain text or as a zero-knowledge proof. Any Hakata credential is interoperable and thus can be shared with any provider or platform. 


Hakata can also verify any verifiable credential or zero-knowledge proof via a simple API integration. 

Zero Knowledge Proofs
Regulatory Readiness
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How it works

1. Orchestrate

Various inputs for zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) creation



Orchestration of regulatory & individualised rules based on variables like jurisdiction or asset type - e.g. accept users >18 & not based in the US.

2. Connect

To various specialist third-party solution providers



Connect to KYC, KYB, AML or other providers to obtain required information for compliance and parameter settings.

3. Create

A ZKP wrapped in a verifiable credential


Create user’s ZKP which proves that:

  • user is KYCed & sanction screened

  • user >18 years of age

  • not from the US

4. Store

Data in users wallet ensuring self-sovereignty of data


Store verifiable credential decentrally in user wallet. Some regulatory mandated data is stored in a secure vault for competent authority requests.


Hakata's privacy-preserving solution

data exchange and storage

Hakata's compliant solution

with global AML & other regulations

Hakata's decentralized solution

Decentralized storage
of identity credentials on the users device 

Hakata's modular solution

Modular solution
to expand with your business needs

Hakata's solution to combat (AI) fraud

Combat (AI) fraud
by knowing your customers

Hakata's interoperable solution

through use of industry standards


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  • Which blockchain is Hakata using?
    Hakata is not bound to any blockchain but is blockchain agnostic. Our credentials and data are stored with the end user - on the end user device - and no personal data is stored on a chain ever. We do store the DID publicly, in alignment with the W3C standard.
  • Why is Hakata using verifiable credentials?
    We truly believe that personal data should be owned by the owner, rather than anybody else. For this we want to ensure that this data is stored with the user decentrally and can be exchanged in a secure manner. This can be achieved by using self-sovereign identity technology. While verifiable credentials offer a lot of benefits we do believe that the full level of privacy can only be achieved by adding zero-knowledge proofs to the verifiable credentials.
  • Is Hakata using soul-bound tokens?
    Hakata is not using soul-bound tokens as such. However, we are including the users wallet address in the zero-knowledge proofs and verifiable SSI credentials, to link these pieces together for security purposes.
  • Where is the personal data stored?
    Personal data will be collected by our third-party providers during the identify verification and stored by them, complying with local data storage regulations. Hakata will not store any personal data.
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