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Think about PETs now!

We firmly believe that privacy is a fundamental civil right that must be upheld. This belief drives our commitment to advancing privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) such as zero-knowledge proofs, into widespread real-world use.

Here’s why we think PETs are crucial and why now is the pivotal moment for their integration:

Historical Context

PETs have been conceptualized for several decades. While their practical applications began around 10 years ago, they have now reached a maturity that makes them ripe for broader adoption.

Beyond Privacy

PETs offer benefits beyond individual privacy. They are crucial in enhancing cybersecurity for businesses and play a strategic role in national geopolitics.

Regulatory Support

For PETs to become mainstream, support from regulators and central banks is essential. A prime example of this is the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), which is actively promoting projects centered on PETs, showcasing significant progress.

Need for Standardization

To fully realize the potential of PETs, there must be an establishment of standards. Standardization ensures that PET-based solutions can scale and operate seamlessly across different ecosystems.

Privacy shield symbolising the protection of users privacy in the digital world


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